What's New?

New products are constantly being developed. Please visit our web site often or contact us for the availability of unlisted products. The following products are available now:

Minute particles, Infinite possibilities
- Polystyrene Nanospheres
- Functionalized Polystyrene Nanospheres
- Fluorescent Nanospheres
- Nanoparamagnetic particles
- Coated Polystyrene Nanobeads
Ultra Violet Carboxyl Particle Array Kit (UVCPAK-5042-14K) (CLICK ON PICTURE TO VIEW AD)
Expand Your Multiplex Assays with Additional Detection Channels
- Designed for multiplex flow assays on commercially available flow cytometers with UV or Violet excitation
- Simultaneously quantify analytes using flowcytometric analysis and any fluorescent conjugates with 488nm, 532nm, or 633nm excitation.
- Detected in the UV and Violet channels
- Display minimal fluorescence in channels with 488nm, 532nm, and 633nm excitation
- Carboxylated for the attachment of your specific antibodies and proteins
- Available in 5.0 m,14 peaks at 1x108 particles/mL
Spherotech is now offering a new line of high quality plastic consumables from Advangene Consumables (AG). The AG line of plastic consumables will boost productivity, increase the accuracy of the data and even save money in your laboratories. AG products can be used in many life science fields such as Medical and Clinical Diagnostics, Agriculture, Food Science, and Microbiology.

AG has an impressive plastic consumables portfolio including:

  1. Matching magnetic separator 96-well plates with Sphero Magnetic Separators
  2. Surface treated plates for immuno assays
  3. Plasma treated plates for cell culture applications
  4. RNase/DNase free products for molecular biology applications
  5. High performance plasticware for general labs, e.g. centrifuge tubes meeting 9600g and opening/closing cap with one hand design
  6. Special order: made according to your specification

Fine tune your sorter with the appropriate attachment and Spherotech Drop Delay Particles. The Drop Delay Calibration Particles are used to determine the drop delay value. As a result, the accuracy and productivity can be improved while sorting. The Spherotech Cat. No. DDCP-70-2 is 2mL at 1x108 particles/mL of a single population of fluorescent particles. In addition, these particles contain a mixture of fluorophores which allow detection in several channels of flow cytometers. A single population of Rainbow Fluorescent Particles with enhanced UV and Far Red fluorescence intensity, 1x107/ml, and 1X2 mL. The particle sizes available are ~3.0, ~3.8, and ~10.0 µm) Similar to our Rainbow Calibration Particles. However, an improved feature of the UltraRainbow Calibration Particles is its enhanced UV and Far Red fluorescence intensity, 1x107/ml, ~3.8 µm. and ~5.1 µm. The Blue PAKs (Particle Array Kits) are designed to simplify multiplex assay development using most Flow-cytometers. The CPAK consists of Carboxyl Fluorescent Blue Particles with different intensities in PE-Cy5 channel and minimal fluorescence in FITC and PE channels with 488 nm excitation. Either or both FITC or PE can be used for detection. Spherotech offers several sets of Particle Array Kits. Sets can be used independently or mixed together (3.5, 4.0, 5.1, and 7.7 µm sizes available) We also offer Streptavidin Particle Array Kits for your convenience. SVPAK's are prepared by coating Streptavidin (covalently) onto Carboxyl Fluorescent Particles. Contact our Customer Representative today for more information! The COMPtrol Particles are coated with Goat anti-Mouse Ig (H&L). They bind to fluorochrome-conjugated monoclonal mouse antibodies used during cell staining. These particles provide a method for the quality control of these conjugates. They can also be used to aid in setting proper compensation to reduce the cross-talk between the channels of multicolor flow cytometers. COMPtrol Particle Kits are available in two sizes. A 3.0-3.4 µm. COMPtrol Particle Kit has Negitive and High Binding populations, each at a concentration of 1x107/mL, in a 5mL volume. In addition, a 5.0-5.5 µm. COMPtrol Particle Kit has Negitive, Low and High Binding populations, each at a concentration of 2.5x106/mL, in a 5mL volume. We have a new size to add to our carboxyl magnetic particle family. Spherotech now has the following catalog numbers: CM-025-10 (0.1 - 0.39µm), CM-05-10 (0.4 - 0.69µm), CM-100-10 (10.0 - 12.9µm), CM-150-10 (13.0 - 17.9µm), and CM-200-10 (18.0 - 24.0µm). We now have larger Donkey anti-Goat IgG (H&L) (Cross adsorbed with CK, GP, Hms, Hrs, Hu, Ms, Rb, Rat Sr Protein) coated polystyrene particles and magnetic particles available.
Cat. No. GMXA-40-10 : Donkey anti-Goat IgG (H&L) Magnetic Particles, 4.0-4.5 µm., 1 x 10 mL, 0.5% w/v
Cat. No. GPXA-60-5 : Donkey anti-Goat IgG (H&L) Polystyrene Particles, 6.0-8.0 µm., 1 x 5 mL, 0.5% w/v

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