Ultra Rainbow Quantitative Particle Kit

The SPHERO™ Ultra Rainbow Quantitative Particle Kit (URQP) contains 6 intensities of Ultra Raibow Beads with various intensities that have been assigned ERF (Equivalent Number of Reference Fluorophores) by NIST. These beads are designed to accurately measure comparable data from different types of instruments
at different locations. In addition, the URQP can be used for routine calibration of flow cytometers. By using these particles, the sensitivity, linearity, and component performance of the system can be determined. The sensitivity of the instrument will help detect any dye or light contamination. The URQP is used to check the instrument's ability to distinguish dim peaks from blank beads. In addition, the URQP can aid in the measurement of the linearity of the instrument to determine if the logarithmic amps and PMTs are functioning properly. Finally, the URQP can be used to detect laser fluctuations, failed electronics, or obstructions in the flow cell.

SPHERO™ Rainbow Calibration Particles
- Contains 6 intensities of Ultra Rainbow Fluorescent Beads with NIST assigned ERF (Equivalent Number of Reference Fluorophores) values based on a published procedure using NIST SRM 1934 and a calibrated laser-based CCD fluorimeter
- Provides microsphere reference standards for fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC), phycoerythrin (PE), allophycocyanin (APC) and Pacific Blue (PB) fluorescent channels using four different NIST reference fluorophores; fluorescein, Nile Red, APC and Coumarin 30
- Used during flow cytometry standardardization and calibration measurements for the further advancement of biological and clinical applications.
Catalog No.
Nominal Size
Package Size
Ultra Rainbow Quantitative Particle Kit, 6 Intensities, (NIST Traceable ERF Flow Cytometry Standard)
3.5-3.9 µm
6x2 mL
Downloadable NOTES:
Product details: Ultra Rainbow Quantitative Particle Kit
NIST: SRM 1934 Certificate


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