Spherotech offers a wide variety of particles for different flow cytometry applications.
Below are links to Spherotech flow cytometry products:
SPHEROTM Flow Cytometry Products for:
Threshold Determination
- Blank Calibration Particles (BCPs)
Flow Cytometer Calibration
- Rainbow Calibration Particles (RCPs) 6 and 8 peak
- Ultra Rainbow Calibration Particles (URCPs)
- Spectral Matching Calibration Particle Kits
- Rainbow Linear Calibration Particles (RLPs)
- Allophycocyanin Calibration Particles (ACPs)
- Yellow Calibration Particles (YCPs)
Flow Cytometer Alignment
- Rainbow Fluorescent Particles (RFPs)
- Ultra Rainbow Fluorescent Particles (URFPs)
- Fluorescent Alignment Particles (FAPs)
- Rainbow Alignment Particles (RAPs)
Kits for Calibration and QC
- Rainbow Calibration Kits
- Rainbow QC Kits
Absolute Cell Counting
- AccuCount Fluorescent and Blank Particles
Fine Tuning Cell Sorters
- Drop Delay Calibration Particles
Flow Cytometer Compensation
- Antibody Binding Compensation Particles
- Spectral Matching Particles for Compensation
Flow Cytometry Size Standard Particle Kit
- Particle Size Standard Kit
Multiplex Bead Assays
- Blue Particle Array Kits (PAK)
- Fluorescent Particle Array Kits
- IR Fluorescent Channels