SpheroTechnical Notes #12 - Protein A Coated Magnetic Particles

Protein A is a 42kD polypeptide isolated from Staphylococcus aureus which has a specific binding affinity for the Fc region of IgG from several species. Each Protein A molecule has four IgG binding sites. In addition, protein A binds to IgG without interfering with the antigen binding site of the immunoglobulin. The Protein A coated magnetic particles provide a quick, easy, and economical way for the capture of antigen specific antibodies used in the purification of recombinant antigens.

In the past, protein A linked gel matrix has been routinely used for isolating IgG from human, mouse, and rabbit serum. However, protein A covalently bound to magnetic particles increases the reaction kinetics while reducing the capture time of antigen specific antibodies. As a result, Protein A coated magnetic particles are uniquely suited for isolating IgG from limited volume samples without dilution or loss. They can also be used to capture and concentrate low level IgG in large volume samples. In addition, Protein A coated magnetic particles can be repeatedly used without a significant loss in their ability to bind IgG.

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SpheroTechnical Note #12 will provide the following:
  • The affinity of Protein A coated beads to IgGfrom different species
  • Product details for the various Protein A linked magnetic particles offered from Spherotech
  • A protocol for the purification of IgG from hybridoma tissue culture for clone selection
  • A protocol for the isolation of specific cells from blood (B, T and HLA) using Protein A Magnetic Particles
  • A protocol for an All-Purpose “Fish-Hook” for isolating specific antigen from a mixture
  • A protocol for the reuse of Protein A Linked Magnetic Particles