SpheroTechnical Notes #19 - Covalent Coupling of T25 DNA to Carboxyl Magnetic Particles
SPHERO T25 DNA Coated Nano Particles and Microspheres:
  • Used for the detection and identification of oligonuceotides
  • Allow for simple, rapid and reliable binding of Biotinylated PCR hybridized with a poly(dA)-tailed oligo
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    SpheroTechnical Note #19 will provide the following information:
  • A covalent coupling protocol for amino terminated oligonuceotides to carboxyl functionalized superparamagnetic nanoparticles using T25 DNA as an example
  • A hybridization procedure using T25 DNA Coated beads as an example
  • A protocol for measuring the concentration of hybridized oligonuceotide using T25 DNA and A25-FAM DNA as an example