SpheroTechnical Notes #23 - SPHERO Magnetic Antibody Coated Particles for Cell Isolation

Spheroteh Goat anti-Mouse Magnetic beads coated with a primary mouse IgG antibodies are ideal for isolation of cells from different species (e.g. human, rat) depending on the specificity of the primary antibody. Cells can be directly isolated from any sample such as whole blood, bone marrow, MNC suspensions or tissue digests.
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SpheroTechnical Note #23 will provide the following information:
  • Information on how to use Spherotech antibody coated magnetic beads for cell isolation using positive and negative selection techniques
  • Details on the handling, washing, and storing magnetic beads used in cellular isolations
  • Protocols for the direct and indirect isolation techniques
  • Recommendations to improve the success of cell isolation